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RHA Local Rules:


  • Rule Update No 2 (05.05.2016)
  • Rule Amendment – Stick Above the Shoulder (13.04.2016)
    • HQ has adopted the following rule to be implemented for U13 and above tournaments in 2016.
    • At RHA this rule will apply to the following divisions:
      • U16
      • Senior Women/Men
    • As HQ won’t be implementing in U11 or below, RHA won’t be implementing in U12/U9 divisions.
      • To allow for coaches to explain and demonstrate how to execute this rule on the field in training sessions, and for umpires to learn this rule, this rule will be effective at RHA from Saturday 23rd April.
    • Please see Officiating committee for further clarification.



Representative Umpire Nominations:

Teams are requested to remind all people who are interested in nominating for representative umpiring.

Nominations can be made online or sent to the RHA administrator.

Umpiring Internet Resources:


Hockey Ed


Hockey Australia's national coach and umpire accreditation training programs is collectively known as HockeyEd. As of October 2011, the program was revised to reflect the modern game and needs of participants. To view the revised program, click here.

To access the accreditation programs, click on the relevant link below: 

The programs continue to operate within the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) and National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), and replaces the old coach and umpire ‘courses’. The Umpire Coach and Technical Official accreditation courses continue under the old structure and are currently being reviewed.

Hockey Australia has undertaken an extensive research, review and consultation process in creating the new HockeyEd programs to develop an accreditation structure that meets the needs of all modern hockey participants. The new HockeyEd umpire and coach training programs are competency based and are designed to reflect the modern game and the needs of hockey participants. These programs will see a shift in the focus towards developing practical skills and self-development, and thus ensure coaches and umpires are better prepared to meet the demands of the game.

The HockeyEd accreditation programs are open to those candidates who can be assessed within the Australian hockey environment. The programs will be delivered in a combination of formats including online learning, practical sessions, self-development activities and workshop training.

More information can be obtained from the Hockey Australia website HockeyEd page.