Do Try This ...

... at Home. Practise makes for permanent skills with a LOT of FUN !!!
If you have a hockey video from your time practising social isolation we would love to share it.

Roll on to HZP

Chayse Practising Hard

Look at our Super Star Chayse! 
Someone has been practising hard - well done mate!

Emma's Hockey Tips and Tricks

Check out Emma's tip and tricks on how to come back into the season a pro. 
Boredom is no excuse when there's a hockey stick and ball in the house, enjoy!

Check out what the Whitlock's have been up to in lockdown! 
Don't forget, we need to get that toilet roll back to Field 1!

        Are you missing hockey training? 

Maddi has prepared some drills at home for you - check it out!

Thanks Maddi!

Who will keep it going ???

Anyone else?

5-A-Side Summer Comp. Starts
5.30pm - 6.25pm - Juniors
6.30pm - 7.25pm - Seniors
5-A-Side Summer Comp. Final
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