RHA 2020 Social Season


  • 10 week social season commencing Saturday July 11th 2020 
  • Training is unable to happen this season due to the demand placed on volunteers with Covid-19 safety measures required 
  • No Volunteer levy: BUT please help us out in any capacity that you can. 
We ask that all volunteers complete https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-andtools/covid-19-infection-control-training 
  • We must follow the Covid-19 safety Guidelines at all times. 
Guidelines will be sent to everyone prior to season start 


RHA Fees for this year are being reduced as follows:

  • U7 Rookies
  • U10s
  • J1 / J2
  • Seniors M1 / W1

The combined Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland Fees for 2020 is as follows:
HA- HQ 2020  Fees


  • We need you to register by the end of the week as teams can only be formed with registered players. Junior and senior committee are meeting this weekend to finalise the teams. If you can’t register before then please advise if you are still playing. 

Everyone MUST be registered with both of the following:
a.  Hockey Qld/Hockey Australia: as a Qld player and for insurance 
b.  Redlands Hockey to play for the season 

  1. If you have already registered and paid your fees in full you can 
a.  Request a refund for the difference through Alice: rha.treasurer@outlook.com 
b.  OR do nothing and use the difference as a credit for 2021 fees

2. If you have registered with RHA but not HQ 
a.  HA/HQ only registration use Revolutionise link  https://www.revolutionise.com.au/redlandsha/registration/

3. If you haven’t registered at all i.e. not HQ nor RHA you will need to 
Click REGISTER NOW button. 

Don’t forget to register with HQ as well. If you miss the link then go to: 
b.  HA/HQ registration use Revolutionise link   https://www.revolutionise.com.au /redlandsha/registration/

1.   JUNIORS: 
a. Shirt: wear your own shirt coloured as closely as you can to your team colour 
b. Bring a spare black OR white one…. To use if you swap teams for the game to enable teams to be even 
c. Black shorts/skirt/skort without pockets 
d. Purchase team socks from RHA: Times to be advised 

2.   SENIORS - as per normal season 
a. Shirt: purchase from RHA: Times to be advised 
b. Purchase team socks from RHA 
c. Bring a spare black OR white one…. To use if you swap teams for the game to enable teams to be even 
d. Black shorts/skirt/skort without pockets


Game  Times- 2020  Season


The HQ Staff and Board are delighted that we will be able to resume hockey this year. And thank you to every Association that has done everything they can to meet the requirements to get hockey back! Now that there is some certainty around the season the board have determined a policy on refunds. HQ will inform those that have submitted requests for refunds and I will update the Presidents on the process at the meeting next week. 

I would also like to acknowledge the 12,000 members who registered before COVID. With their support we have been able to manage our way through this time. Hockey administration from a State and National level is unfortunately not seasonal and does require attention 12 months of the year. Even when hockey has shut down and staff have been on reduced hours we have been able to continue services to the community, including the very popular Ask the Athlete live program on Facebook, and maintaining regular contact with Associations to keep them abreast on the changes, and resources, guides, checklists and templates were created for the community to be prepared for a return to play. This is just to name a few of the initiatives we have continued despite there being no hockey. Therefore HQ will not be reducing fees for those joining now for the resumption of competition. However HQ are committed to evaluating our fees for 2021 and we are looking to reward those who have supported us through a very difficult 2020. 

Alison Lyons 
Chief Executive Officer 

RHA 2020 Social Season   Download this Information >>>

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